Is your Cell phone acting up? You can fix that!


Ohhh Snap….This one just makes sense!

charging_cell_phoneHow often do you charge your cell phone, tablet or other devise? For me, it’s around 10pm (depending on call load and other apps used during the day time, it may be required before the day is over) and right to the charger for the next day’s carnival of joy that life and work brings.

Here’s the kick, when new it was a matter of no time to get the cell into full charge mode, now that it is about 2 years old, it takes a bit more time to charge (I can relate!) so it sits after 10pm, I space that it’s charging and go to bed. Next morning, unplug and start all over again. The bad news, and you know this too…over charging can damage your battery and device!

The Solution would be a USB output port Charger with a built in Timer!

Well guess what? I found a New Product that does just that! What I really like about this timer/charger is that your device just plugs in and no additional wires, books, or test runs, or where to put it… or arrange another “order of doing things” to charge the darn phone, that’s my OCD!! LOL

I have the solution right here:


Ofeely Fixed Time Home Dual USB Wall Charger Outlet with Timer
Don’t ruin your cell phone by overcharging, use this to prevent costly over charging and replacing you phone/battery!

Ofeely Dual USB Wall Charger
12watt/2.4amp 90° Folding Conserve Socket
Energy-saving Outlet with Timer!
The plug can be folded to 90° for easer carrying. Press the button, indicator sign “0” lights up, the product enters into working position. While “1” lights up, indicating 1 hour countdown. And so as “2,3,4”. When indicator “5” lights up, it says 5 hours countdown. After the battery is full, the product stops working/ shuts off.
• Input: 100V~240V
• Output: 5V2.4A / 5V1A
• Note: Delivery time is 5 ~ 8 business days after payment!!!
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BRILLIANT! Thanks for stopping by.

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  • Stephen says:

    Great, brilliant idea here, William!
    I use my phone every other time I’m awake and the only time I can recharge the battery is when I’m heading to sleep. A lot often I do not wake up to check it out, and would only reach it when I wake up – several hours after it gets full and actually carries the over-charge warning notice!
    So I believe your USB charger with built-in timer would be quiet handy here.

  • Derek Marshall says:

    Hi there.

    What a brilliant device! Really important not to overcharge as lithium ion batteries,once they start to overcharge and the individual cells start to break down
    and look “pregnant” they become a serious fire and explosion hazard..the go off like a blow torch at an extreme temperature.

    one of these devices, to help prevent that is great, a definite great addition for safety reasons

  • Robert says:

    I just read your charger review. I am not sure if it’s a charger or simply a timer telling me how long I have been charging.

    My problem is my lap top. I am on it all day. It is not always convenient to have it plugged in. When I get to 20% I plug it in. That usually means moving to an outlet.

    Am I hurting the battery if I stay plugged in once it’s charged? or are you only talking about cell phones?

    • William says:

      Hi Robert, It’s a charger with a timer built in and it is good for computers, tablets, cell phones or any device that uses a USB cable to charge.

      The answer is yes on most devices if you leave it pluged after it’s fully charges. Having said that, it is important to note that most Lap tops have circuits to prevent overcharging the battery.

      William 🙂

  • Andrew says:

    Brilliant work William! You might have just saved a lot of people quite a lot of money! I have a friend that works in a phone shop and I know that what you say is true. The batteries only have a life expectancy of around two to three years and that is simply down to the fact that they wear out when they are over-charged.
    This is a great product that will save my phone. It will also save a bit on the electricity bill I expect! Especially as we have 3 phones charging over night usually!

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