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Is a Scam or not, a Review? is another in a long list of “Get-Rich-Quick” Binary Option Trading software packages.

Binary Option trading is popular form of trading where investors can make or lose a lot of money, very fast, even with fully licensed and regulated brokers who are required to follow very strong codes of ethics and standards. claims to have an “automated options trading system” that can predict and make  profitable option trades for you, but makes no mention of Brokers or Fees? They ask you to invest a minimum of $250 but don’t reveal the costs involved.

Believe it or not, all reviews are not reliable and I would suggest that reviews of thumbs_downone’s own product are necessarily self-serving. There are a lot of great reviews about online but they seem to be written by David Graham and Madison Clark who are featured as the authors of or their employees? For me this sets off big RED Flag Alerts!


If something sounds too good to be true then is probably is. If you want to believe that this program can make you millions of dollars with nothing more than giving them $250 and they are going to let you use it for free; Well I wish you all of the best of luck and please contact me if you want to buy a bridge!


Not every thing is negative in the online business but you must be careful. I finally decided to follow the successful people in the business and “go back to school” and Wealthy Affiliate was my personal choice. is another work-at-home business I personalty will avoid. What is you experience? Tell us about your impressions or experiences to help others by leaving a comment below.

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William_trasparentI decided to follow the successful people in the “Work from Home” business and “went back to school” to copy their success and make money at the same time! Wealthy Affiliate was my choice. It’s the only program I recommend. My Dream is now a Money Making Machine. Click Here to Take the Test Drive now for free!



  • Kurtis Quick says:

    I would not mind someone testing this program out and going with the trade recommendations of this program. I would love to see if this actually has an algorithm that works. Even if it was small and lost some won some but left you with a profit it would be okay. But, I am not going to be the one to spend 250 dollars to find out.

  • Andre Kish says:

    Hi William – just a quick thoguht if I may.

    Years ago when I worked in business systems we setup systems using an old dial up to stock exchange at a speed of 1200 bits per second.

    The systems back then just we’ren’t fast enough for the scammers ‘coz they only got half a line of data before their internet allowance ran out.

    Just a thought as I was reading your article.

    Bst wishes – Andre

    • Hi Andre Years ago when I worked on the first computer systems where the terminal was a tele-type at 150 baud rate and there was not internet, LOL. As I researched the article, I remembered how I started my training working with tubes. My How times have changed. Thanks for your comment.
      William 🙂

  • koelner says:

    I’m tired of these scams online, and like you have mentioned, even reviews are being faked to redirect more victims to illegitimate programs like this one. One should be very careful online.
    This wealthy Affiliate program you have recommended, is it legit and safe? How can I be sure?

    • William says:

      Thank you Koelner. Yes scams are everywhere online, Like P.T. Barnum said “there is a sucker born every minute and two to take em”.

      As to Wealthy Affiliate, yes I recommend it and I use it. I have been online for quite some time and I was amazed to learn how much I didn’t know. Knowledge is everything. While there are several good training programs out there, WA offers free tools and hosting of 2 web sites, A free test drive if you will.You then have the option to upgrade if you choose, I for one thought it was a good deal and am glad I did. William 🙂

  • W Sanders says:

    W Burton. I am W Sanders (first name William as well), and it is good to meet you on your site today. I just wanted to let you know that your review for seemed to be fair and honest.

    The one thing that I would never do, is to do a actual review for my own product, due to the bias thoughts involved creating a self review.

    Nice page layout and color scheme as well as I am also a word press user.

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